Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 13, 2013

Capell Family Reunion June 19-21


 For the Capell Family Reunion this year, we went to Yosemite National Park and camped for two nights.  It was so lucky that we got the sites we got and it all wound up working out great in my opinion! Thursday night we made banana boats and they were a hit! We had dutch oven chicken that turned out great (took forever to cook) but was very yummy! 
 We got super close to some dear who could care less if we were there or not. 
Went on a few bike rides around the valley (which is the ONLY way to see the valley in my opinion)

Here's Grandma with Julian and Jared! They are just a month apart! So fun! And then there's Walker, he and Hailey are also a month apart :)  I love how this kid rolls!
Hailey camps in style with her purse going everywhere with her.  This purse was her first purse ever, and it's her favorite.  Grandma Stacy got it for her filled with bracelets and necklaces.  So fun!
  Here's how the kids slept! HA! First night they got cold, so second night we were much  more prepared.  They slept in their coats with hoods on, and doubled up on pants.  Much better the second night!

Jeff and I were feeling ambitious so we decided to hike to the bottom of Vernal Falls...with the whole family.  We pushed Hailey and Jared all the way there and back.  We'll never do that again, but we think it was worth it. 

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