Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 3, 2013

Haily is Potty Trained and a Day at Costco (From April 15 2013)

 Look at this cute little booty in panties!!! We did it! Hailey did an awesome job potty training.  Her first day she didn't make it on time to the toilet even one I thought we were in for a rough couple of weeks.  But sure enough, the next day she caught on and it's been just great ever since!!  YAY HAILEY!

 Jared is now big enough to ride in the cart and we ditched the baby seat so I had to take some pictures.  Here is a picture that shows a real day:

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Kristin Jones said...

Jared is so big...time flies!!! Jealous of the potty training. Working on it now. no fun!!