Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 14, 2013

San Diego Zoo

 This Zoo is FANTASTIC!! It really is the coolest zoo ever.  WELL worth the money, such a fun day!

There's an alligator behind the boys here:

 And here's our favorites of the day, the Gorillas!!  These guys were AWESOME!!!!


 Look at these little POSERS!! They had so much fun together as cousins, it's fun looking forward to all the memories we'll have together!

 What a great day to spend all together!! 
One of the best parts about this trip was all being so close together in one house.  I just loved it.  Like days like today when we all had a blast at the Zoo, then to get to go back to the house and chill out...on the beach for the rest of the day, it was just too good to be true.  It really was. I'm sooooooooo grateful this meant so much to my parents to do this for Jeremy, it has been a wonderful family reunion.

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