Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 14, 2013

San Diego's Imperial Beach for Jeremy's Birthday

Happy 36th Birthday to my big brother Jeremy.  We miss you so very much.  For your birthday this year, we got together as a family in Imperial Beach, CA.  Mom and dad got us this AMAZING house to keep us all together and create memories that will last forever.  You would have loved this place.  I kinda think you were there with us.  Especially when we had our Family Home Evening lesson and testimony meeting about temples and eternal families.  I'm so grateful for our eternal family and that you and I are gonna get to hang out for all eternity.  Here's the place:  Mark and Biff breaking in the kitchen.
Our Backyard:  Nightly baseball games were a favorite among the kids.

And the moms loved watching from the back porch.

Movie nights with popcorn after baths and jammies:

You can see our place from the beach, it's the one in the middle.

My  highlight was the day that mom and I went boogie boarding together.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Every morning Jeff and the kids would get up at 6am and go fishing on the pier.  They were pretty die hard and would stay all morning.  Sometimes till 10 am!

We know that you would have been right there fishing with these kiddos. Love you big brother!

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