Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 14, 2013

Saturday July 13, 2013...TIM LINCECUM'S NO NO!!

 Here we are...on our road trip down to San Diego!!  Jared wanted to drive so Jeff let him! hahahaaa, yeah right...some potty break on the way :)
 We finally got to the beach house, got a little bit situated then left for the Giants vs Padres game!!  Little did we know we were about to witness history!!
 As we walked in Posey is on the big screen to the right and got a hit knocking in their first run!! WAHOO!
 Up in our sweet seats! First two rows was great , no one in front of us to bug!
 Petco Park was awesome!  I loved the park. 

 As the game continued we realized we may be witnessing something very special.  It was a road game for the Giants, obviously, but in that park it felt like it was a home game.  There was SO much Orange and Black and SOOO many cheers for the Giants!  Tim Lincecum was pitching a NO HITTER! Into the 8th Hunter Pence made an amazing catch to save a hit...we knew it was something special.  Much like Matt Cain's pefect game, as each out recorded we got more and more anxious and nervous for Timmy's No No!!  Sure enough, over 120 pitches, he did it!!  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kristin Jones said...

For many times are you guys going to catch a no hitter?!