Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 13, 2013

Summer Days End of June

 Jared is almost ONE!! AHHHHH! He's crawling, and is now pulling up and cruising just a little.  It's so fun to come and get him in the morning standing up!! 

 The kids took some pictures for Daddy while he was gone and since we thought he was probably lonely we decided to send him some love!

 The boys built a fort and spent the afternoon under those hot blankets hiding out and I think watching movies on my tablet.  LOL, they were quiet and I was happy!!!

 Hailey is getting really fun playing with her babies.  She calls them dolly and she is very mothering and nurturing to them.  It makes me so happy to watch her! I JUST LOVE IT!  She's very into getting her toenails painted as well and loves to try and put make up on.  The baby here in these pictures was actually mine. It has super soft skin and is called a "My Child" cutest little baby ever!!

Jared is everywhere. He can get wherever he wants and it's really fun!
 He loves pulling out all the movies.

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