Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

August 2, 2013

Too Much for One Year...

 This year my family has had too much loss.  First, my brother in August and then now, my cousin Glenny.  When my mom called me, I was at the Modesto Nuts baseball game with my family.  I was in shock as she told me the horrible story.  My family, having just experienced this, was humbled as our healing wounds were all re-exposed.  It was as if I was re-living everything again with my sweet cousins Megan and Ashley.  I took Jared with me and flew with my mom to Portland where we were picked up by my dad who was there already on business.  It was another Hobbs family reunion where we were brought together through tragedy.

 That night we wrote on a lantern for Glenn and walked to the park to send it up to Heaven. Love you Glenny!!

 Grandpa and Estella left the night before we did and look who we ran into on our first pit stop!!!

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