Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 6, 2013

BYU's Dinosaur Museum

 LOVE YOU HEIDI!!! Look at all those kids! (minus Justin)

 I love these girls being all girly in their cute little girly skirts!

Who knew there was such a little Gem right there across from Cougar Stadium?!?!  We came to Utah a day early to visit with my maid of honor and best friend Heidi from BYU.  It was SOOOO much fun to eat at Cafe Rio with us, our spouses and ALL 8 OF our kiddos!  Crazy!  So then we decided since it was so hot that a park was no good and thought to go to the Bean Life Museum.  Once we got there, it was closed for remodeling, so we saw a sign for a Dinosaur museum and thought we should check it out! SO GLAD WE DID!!! This place was AWESOME! and FREE! and NO SUPERVISION ANYWHERE! These kids had so much fun and we actually got to see real life palaeontologists at work!

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Heidi Miller said...

Bahahahaha!!! I wonder how much of that stuff had to be repaired after we left. :) It was so SO good to see you and your family! Can you come update my blog for me now?? Please?