Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 6, 2013


We got up to Snowbird about 3 hours too early.  We did some swimming but it was FREEZING! Jared's lips turned blue so I decided to bring him to the car to warm him up and get him some food.  We decided to start unpacking before the rain came so here's Jared in one of the bell carts being so cute!!
 Jared's helping mommy load up the car!!  The Iron Blossam Lodge is in the background. 
 Here's how Hailey slept all week, she did awesome at Snowbird, it was so great.
 Jeff and his hiked the tram "together" as is tradition.  Justin tried to start with them and wound up going back shortly after they began. 

 Here's Jared's FIRST Birthday!!  He did NOT like the all.


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Kristin Jones said...

I cannot believe that he is 1! That year went by so fast!!