Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

September 6, 2013

Trip to Idaho

We got home from San Diego on Saturday.  We went to church on Sunday and had Monday home.  We decided to leave for Idaho on Tuesday night!!  CRAZY!!  It didn't seem that crazy at the time, but about 6 hours into it...we knew it was crazy.  We took a pit stop at Cabellas in Reno.  That was a fun stop!

And then after deciding to stop for the night at a Motel 6 in Wells, Nevada at 2am, we finally arrived in Arimo, ID at about 1 or 2pm on Wednesday.  It was a good choice.

The neighbor's horses are always a popular attraction.

As are the swings.

 And tractors!!!!!

 We wore these city boys out!!  I think they were tired!

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