Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 7, 2014

June 2014 Great Grandpa Capell's house and then to Morgan Utah for the Stacy family reuinon


 Baseball. All day every day. 


The place. The view. Absolutely spectacular and breathtaking. 

Our daily visitor. We couldn't get enough of this sweet horse. He would walk to the fence to be close every time the kids would play outside.  

pictures from Kari:
 Evening baseball games happened pretty much every night. The sunsets were pretty amazing here! LOVE this awesome family of mine!! BEST in-laws EVER!!

 Grandpa rented this super awesome Razor for a day and a half and it was probably the most fun thing this whole trip!! We had to take a photo shoot on it for sure!! 

 Stacy Family photo shoot 2014

 Missing our sweet Uncle Jeremy! We love you Jeremy!! 

FUN with the Razor!! 

 The men and Grandma took the big kids up the canyon to some cool trails where they rode the Razor and dirt bikes for a day and Sheila and me and Brittany(and poor sick Jeff) stayed behind with the littles. We had a picnic at the park and Lilly and Hailey loved playing in the water splash pad :-)


 Playing the candy bar game! Thanks Auntie Sheila and Uncle Jeff for the fun game and lots of candy bars!! 

 Remembering our sweet Uncle Jeremy and watching his memorial video. We sure miss him! 

Final motorcycle rides and saying goodbyes!! We had such a blast and will have these lasting memories forever!! 
 Madelyn had her 6th birthday while we were in Utah and she thought it was the greatest thing to be on vacation and get to celebrate with all her cousins!! We let her open presents and then we loaded up and headed to Seven Peaks Water Park for the afternoon. She thought that was the best birthday party ever! 

 More pics of the awesome cabin we stayed in. 

Unfortunately this is the only pic at the water park that I took! Guess I just kept the phone/camera put away because of the water... Oh well. HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY to our sweet beautiful Madelyn!!! We love this girl to pieces and just wouldn't be complete without her sweet, compassionate, loving tender heart in our home!!

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