Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

October 7, 2014

Run Baby Run Ragnar 2014

Have you ever run 7 miles at midnight?  I know right? Who would do that??  Oh wait, I WOULD!  With these crazy girls we did it!  We ran 205 miles from San Francisco to Napa.  It started Friday morning at 5:30 am and ended Saturday evening around 5pm.  It was soooo much fun!! My legs were 4 miles, 7 miles, and 3 miles.  It was awesome and I totally can't wait to do it again!!!! To top it off we were all at church bright and early Sunday morning to watch all our kiddos sing their hearts out in the Primary Program. Thanks to my sweet husband for being so supportive and encouraging me to do this!! I LOVE YOU JEFF!!

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Amber Brown said...

LOVE IT!!! So jealous! We need to run one together someday. Way to go Sheila!!