Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

December 10, 2014

Hailey's 4th Birthday



 THE FAMILY CELEBRATION (her birthday was ACTUALLY ON Thanksgiving this year)

Sweet Hailey Belle!!!  We love you so much sweetheart!!  I've been watching you this week and it's leaving me in awe at how grown up you are getting.  You are a really really hard worker and you are always so willing to help me.  I love it.  You are also ALWAYS so willing to Jared...which I do not always love...hahahahahaa you're such a natural little mother.  At the same time that I notice how mature and grown up you are getting, I can't help but notice how sweet and young and innocent you still are as well.  Your sweet songs at night that you sing so boldly melt my heart and make me want you to never grow up.  You can talk and talk and talk and talk like theres a million more words that you are dying to get out every day.  We love how you do G's and S's for TH's.  I secretly don't ever want you to change.  You're my sweet little girl and I am so grateful for you being you. Happy 4th Birthday my dear!!!

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Kristin Jones said...

Such a sweet girl. Cannot believe that she is 4!!