Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

December 10, 2014

Starting November with a bang!

Ok, so technically it was November 1st...Poor Jordan was too sick to go trick-or-treating with the others in the rain...if you ask me, he wasn't missing out on much.  But to make it fun for him, we let him get full-sized candy bars at every door in our house.  We had so much fun letting him do this.  I guess it's a good thing we kept him home, he wound up in the ER that night needing a breathing treatment an inhaler and prescription for bronchitis.  Luckily they really take care of kids here and we were in and out by 2:30 am.  He was such a sport texting Jeff and chatting it up with the Respiratory Therapist and anyone else that would listen. 

 Just getting the most out of his birthday month, a little late, but we got his Red Robin free birthday meal and had a little date together. 

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