Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

March 6, 2015

Monterey Day 2

Since we pulled the kids out of school for Uncle Jeff and Aunt Brittany's trip to Cali, we decided to pay the extra little to get season passes to the Aquarium and decided to stay an extra night in Monterey. We didn't have anything, no jammies, no extra clothes, no toothbrushes...but nothing a trip to Target couldn't fix! So we got our hotel and had a HORRIBLE night sleep in an OK hotel.  All worth it for the AMAZING fun day we had on Day 2!

The waves were HUGE! It was absolutely breathtaking.  I couldn't have stressed more to these kids that if they got wet, they were STUCK in those clothes ALL DAY...litereally 5 min into it, Jared was pummeled by a huge wave and both boys were wet.  Ahhhh well!!!! They all dried and were all smiles!  HAHAHAAAA

 One of my favorite parts of the trip was trying to go to Denace the Menace Park and having it be closed :( But instead we walked around the pond that is right there by the park and it was such a great family day.  Amazing how much fun you can have with just a simple walk. 

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