Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

March 26, 2015

Pregnancy and a fun family Bingo night

 Yep, this is how I look and feel pretty much all the time.  It's really sad.  My poor family.  I took this picture to send to my two besties who are also pregnant with me right now...and due just the day before me!!  CRAZY!!!  It's been so much fun to complain to each other HAHAHAHAAAA!!!  But really I got myself off the couch today to go with these tree cuties to the Family Bingo Night and I'm sure glad I did!! We had a great time and were all winners! LOVE THAT!

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Amber Crockett said...

Not sure how I didn't know you were preggers but CONGRATS!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks...oh yeah...and it SUCKS!!! I'm sorry I hope you feel better soon!!!!