Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach

February 11, 2016

Mommy and Me and a BABY......

Something that I absolutely love about my parents is how much fun they are.  They get up and go places.  Sitting around is not in their DNA.  They love being outside, riding bikes, hiking and exploring new places.  These were a few pictures they took and sent to us from their most recent trip to Yosemite.  The picture up the waterfall is an exact replica of a picture I took of them probably 25 years ago!!  SO FUN!!

Jared is sooooooo into his cars.  I love how much he loves them!

AND...drumroll please!!!! WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!!  A HEALTHY BABY GIRL!!!!!!
I'm still in shock.  I honestly would have been 100% so happy to have a boy too.  BUT I HAD NO IDEA how HAPPY I would be inside to be having another girl!  It's crazy how stinking excited I am! So for now our #1 name is Jessica Marie.  I'm not 100% in love with it, but it's always been one of our favorites.  I mean, we called Hailey Jessica for a whole entire day in the hospital!  LOL

Something that is fun with modern technology is taking selfies when you're waiting for something!  Hailey and I had a blast together taking these photos and being silly together.  Jared was strapped in his seat but still wanted some silly face camera time.

And the tutus....thank heavens for sweet friends that give us their hand me downs!!!  SO MUCH FUN! What more could a girl want??

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